Men and Abortion

The guilt and burden of men who have fathered aborted children is unbearable at times. For many, blocking the natural process of this trauma blocks their recovery and does not allow them to heal emotionally or spiritually.  Even if the abortion was in a previous relationship, the pain and stress of the abortion can be divisive later in marriage and carry lasting effects long in to adulthood. Men are hurting and many need help. 

Symptoms of stress from abortion include:

•Instability in relationships with women
•Difficulty in bonding with children
•Sleep Disorders
•Addictive  and or Abusive Behaviors
•Isolation and insensitivity
•Lack of confidence and anxiety
•Sense of Loss, Guilt
•Sexual difficulties

It is possible for men to get beyond the lingering difficulties from a past abortion and to experience the peace and fullness of Christ. By opening their hearts and mind to receiving support, men can begin to rebuild their value structure, ease the pain of anxiety, receive God’s forgiveness, and live with confidence. 




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