Abstinence Education is not only for teens and young adults……

Adolescence is an exciting time of exploration and discover.  Teens are attempting to become autonomous and make their own decisions.   However, navigating the minefields of the culture and helping teens in the age of changing social norms and expectations is daunting for parents and teens alike.

Risky sexual behaviors such as early sexual debut and multiple partners put youth at risk for STI’s, non-marital pregnancy and emotional heartache. The truth is, parents are still the most influential people in their kids’ lives.  Parents equipping their kids with the knowledge of a biblical, God-given design for sex and the consequences of stepping outside of that design, is a tangible way of entering into their lives today.  It can also be somewhat challenging and often intimidating.

Pregnancy Resource Center offers a variety of free Parent Education Classes to help parents engage in dialogue with their kids about God’s design for sex.

Simple Truths, for parents of children ages 0-12, will empower parents with confidence and provide the tools necessary to start the lifelong conversation to shape the sexual character of their child.

The Whole Truth, for parents of pre-teens and teens, will equip parents to effectively communicate the importance of avoiding risky sexual behaviors, their consequences and the benefits of choosing abstinence until marriage.  Parents will be empowered with medically accurate sexual health information to continue the lifelong conversation with their child about God’s design for human sexuality within the protective boundaries of marriage and monogamy.





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