What are my options?

When you walk through the doors of Pregnancy Resource Center, you will be greeted by someone who is ready to serve you with compassion, provide you with accurate medical information, and listen to your concerns.  All of our staff understands how critical it is for you to talk to someone regarding your feelings and will listen to your concerns and answer your questions.  You can be assured that confidentiality is our highest priority.

Think it through. You do have choices.

Everyone at PRC is ready to try to understand what you are going through.  Some may have even been in the same spot as you.  The last thing you should think is that you have no choice or no options. 

If you are thinking about an abortion...

An abortion is a serious medical procedure. The first thing you should realize is that you HAVE TIME to learn all of the facts and consider all of your options. You need truthful information so you understand the risks and the long term effects.  Our nurse can help you sort fact from fiction. 

We do not refer nor perform abortions.

If you are anxious about becoming a parent...

You probably have a ton of questions and/or concerns. 

  • The father of the baby does not want the baby but you do.
  • Your plans for your future seem impossible.
  • You worry about what people will think.
  • How will you take care of the baby?
  • You feel too young.

PRC can help you find answers and talk to you about options and resources so that you can make the right decision.

Have you ever thought about adoption?

Many people have a wrong view of adoption.  They feel they will never see their child again or that their child will end up in a bad home or in the foster system. One of the great things about adoption is that YOU are in control. If you want to continue to be part of the child's life, that is something you can choose. It's also important to know that adoption is a completely different process and system than the foster care system.  

There are a lot of reasons that adoption could be the best choice for you:

  • You feel you are too young and don't have the resources to care for the baby.
  • You do not feel as though you are ready to be a parent.
  • Your family is already established and it would be hard to add another.
  • You have to straighten your life out before bringing a child in.

Whatever you are thinking, PRC can answer your questions and concerns so that you can make an informed decision about adoption.

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