The thought of parenting, especially single parenting, can seem overwhelming.  However, choosing to raise a child can be made much easier when you have support.  People often say that having a baby will ruin your life.  But life is full of possibilities; sometimes the outcome depends on how you respond to the challenge!  You can do it... and you are not alone! We are here to help, as well as are many other organizations in our area.

There are no perfect circumstances and certainly no perfect parents. Our role is to encourage, educate, and get resources to you in order to help you see your situation clearly. PRC will provide you with the tools and the hope necessary to make the best choices for the lives of both your children and yourself. We want to see you become the best parent you can be!

Parenting is a life-long commitment but one that will be a great source of joy to you. When you watch your baby grow up to be happy and healthy, you will know you have done the right thing!

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