You are about to experience the most important and rewarding adventure in your life! Being called "dad" is the greatest title in the world. It is an opportunity to establish your legacy of success by being the center of your child's life. 

You are NOT alone.

There is a mother of your child wanting to be on the same page as you. Make time to share your thoughts and feelings. You also have unlimited resources available in your community from healthcare to counseling. 

Stay Calm

It is perfectly natural to have anxiety about your life change. Now is the time for patience, listening, support, and responsibility. 

Fatherhood is:

  • Committing to supporting the mother of your child 
  • Being active in all aspects of the pregnancy 
  • Surrounding yourself with supportive adults
  • Getting educated on proper childcare 
  • Starting to create a positive legacy by making your child your number one priority
  • Living your life as a positive role model to all young people 

10 Things You Can Do to be a Better Dad

1. Get in the game right away. Now is the time to get involved, whether she is pregnant or has already had the baby. By being involved right from birth, you give your baby the best chance in his or her new life. 

2. Touch, Hold, and Play with your baby! This is the best way to bond. Don't will not hurt or drop the baby!

3. Respond to your baby's needs! When your baby cries...go get him!

4. Make time for your baby! Changing your schedule to provide for your baby's needs might not be easy, but it is important.

5. Make time for your marriage (or relationship).  Remember that mom needs your love, time, and support too!

6. Get some sleep... Really!

7. Don't think that a paycheck equals love. Being a dad means more than just bringing home a paycheck.

8. Understand that being a dad isn't always easy. Don't be surprised if you feel crazy at times, especially in the early months.

9. Ask for help. No man is a "natural" at being a dad. Ask for help and keep asking everyone: doctors, friends, family.

10. Know the basics. Learn everything you can about the development of the child and fatherhood.







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