Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS)

PAS is the development of symptoms resulting from unsuccessful coping methods following the physical and emotional trauma of abortion. PAS may be instant or can be hidden for years, but most assuredly not forever. Post abortion syndrome not only affects women but men as well. Acknowledging how you feel about the abortion and being allowed to grieve will help you come to peace with yourself and with others.

More and more women are reaching out for help. You are NOT alone. The statistics are staggering. 

  • There are over 4,400 abortions performed each day in the USA, 1 abortion ever 20 seconds.
  • By the age of 40, 43% of women in the USA will have had an abortion. (Allan Guttermatcher Institute, Feb. 2000)
  • Studies show that at least 70% of women who have had an abortion believe abortion is morally wrong. (Making Abortion Rare by David Reardon)
  • No less than 90% of women experience moderate to severe emotional and psychological stress following an abortion. (Aborted Women: Silent No More by David Reardon)
  • A woman who has had one abortion is four times more likely to have another abortion. ("Forbidden Grief" by Theresa Burke)
  • 59% of teens become pregnant again within fifteen months of an abortion. ("Forbidden Grief" by Theresa Burke)
  • 80% of couples break up after an abortion. ("Forbidden Grief" by Theresa Burke)
  • A woman who has had an abortion is three times more likely to commit suicide within a year of her abortion than women in the general population, and six times more likely than a woman who carries her pregnancy to term ("Forbidden City" by Theresa Burke)

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